Big up and keep smiling

When I first began the Kiwi Sponsorship programme back in 2009, it was because my heart broke to think that children like Henry would end their education at P7, aged 13. I found sponsors willing to support children through their six years of secondary school in the hope that this would equip them with enough to make their own way in the world.

I believed passionately that if these children were given a chance, they would prove they could make something of themselves, all that was needed was the initial boost. Today all my hopes and dreams came true. In this, his fifth year of sponsorship, Henry has been awarded a scholarship. Funded by the University of St Thomas in the USA, his final two years of school fees at St Henry’s College in Uganda will be covered.

In Henry’s own words:

Hi Madam Emma,

Hope all is well and good. Thanks for the love and caring you always show me. I’m really grateful for that.

I received my school results and I was the 4th best at St Henry’s and everyone was happy about my results. Thanks for you efforts of supporting me in any way and let me hope these results will not let you down when you see them.

For the good news I have to tell you that  are that as I was preparing to return to school, something happened and this is………………………


And this was due to my conduct and hard work for the past four years at school. The scholarship is from The University Of St Thomas in the United States Of America. And what is so exciting about this is that when I perform well at the end I MAY  study my University course from St Thomas University in the USA.

All these opportunities have come my way because of your support for me at St Henry’s College.

Thank you so much and send all my regards to the kiwi family!


xoxo     Henry – kiwi son      xoxo


With Henry in December 2013

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