Library & Computer Lab

With Kiwi House completed, the girls were able to move out of the building originally intended to be a library and computer lab. With a grant from the Rotary Club of East Coast Bays in Auckland, New Zealand we furnished the library and computer lab in October 2009 with bookshelves, desks, stools and reading tables.



Today the facility serves not only the students of KAASO but also the Empowerment Group and wider community. In the holidays, many of the sponsor children return from their secondary schools to help teach the KAASO students computer classes along with volunteers.


This is the only library and computer lab in the area and has been a huge success for both the school and the community.


Thanks to donations from around the world, the library and computer lab now have text books, reading books and laptops. Of course you can never have too many and more books and laptops are always most welcome!

P1040075 P1040116

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