About me

Writer, dreamer, traveller, author, wife and mother. Lover of books, music, sailing, adventures, stories and people. Born on a yacht in the Pacific Islands, I am a New Zealander who has spent a life on the road, travelling with my family as a child and later crossing oceans and continents with friends and strangers. In 2009 I took the road less travelled, leaving behind my world of working on international sailing events to spend six months in a small rural village in Uganda, volunteering at a primary school for orphans. What started as a single journey has become a life-long love affair, one I know will continue forever.

These are my stories, my hopes and heartaches, my thoughts and images from life in the village. I am excited to bring you with me on my journey down this dusty dirt road…

I hope you will enjoy,


7 thoughts on “About me

  1. Emma you are such a role model to your generation. Your hard work, networking and all round energy is certainly paying off for the children of Uganda and their friends and families! Keep on writing about the projects that you become involved in and thank you for sharing it with us..

  2. I am so thrilled to encounter a charity with a similar name to mine…just across the border in Kenya! I recognize similar passion in you to join village communities and experience them thrive alongside yourself! Will love to hear more from you and compare notes!
    Zab, founder member, Village In Motion-Canada (called BBCF in Kenya).

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