Kiwi House

In 2009, Cherie, Kirsty and I launched a fundraiser to help fulfil the school’s greatest priority at the time – complete a half-finished building to be used as a dormitory so that the library/computer lab could become just that (rather than housing 100 girls in triple-decker bunks).

P1000327 P1000325

From July – October 2009 we raised over $10,000 by appealing to family and friends around the world and on Sunday 18th October 2009 Kiwi House was officially opened.

P1040603 P1040438

Kiwi House is now home to 100 girls in the upper levels and continues to be referred to as the ‘best dormitory’ at KAASO. We are incredibly proud of what we achieved and forever grateful to all those who so generously donated.

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